Group for bilingualism and multiculturalism in education and society

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  • Α) For a personal subscription: the sum of 19 euro for one year subscription or the sum of 30 euro for two years
  • Β) For an institutional subscription: the sum of 30 euro for one year or the sum of 60 euro for two years

at Pireus Bank account:5210-040604-327 [ IBAN: GR3001722100 00 5210-0400604-327] and email us the date and sum of your deposit, with your name, address, telephone number and email, at polydromo@polydromo.gr

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MEMBERS support Polydromo in disseminating multilingual educational and informational material, regarding matters of bilingualism and multiculturalism. With member's help, we are able to continue building knowledge on the languages and cultures of local and migrant communities by several activities, such as:

  • Digital and printed publications related to language learning and language contact
  • Educational visits to schools and institutions
  • Courses to children of migrant background
  • Seminars and workshops for educators, students and families
  • Special events providing increased visibilidy to different linguistic and cultural communities

Provided the interest of Polydromo members, new work teams can be created. Please send your suggestions and ideas or availability schedule if you are interested in serving with a volunteer work team at polydromo@polydromo.gr


Member Card

  • FREE participation in events and workshops
  • TWO ISSUES of the periodical scientific publication for bilingualism and multiculturalism ‘‘Polydromo’’, featuring articles for researchers, parents and the educational communityDigital and printed publications related to language learning and language contact





Η ομάδα ΠΟΛΥΔΡΟΜΟ δε χρησιμοποιεί (παρα μόνο για λόγους επικοινωνίας) ευαίσθητα προσωπικά δεδομένα των χρηστών/επισκεπτών του ιστοχώρου www.polydromo.gr ούτε και δίδει σε τρίτους τέτοιου είδους δεδομένα για κανένα λόγο, σεβόμενo τους/τις επισκέπτες/τριες του και την κείμενη νομοθεσία.

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