Group for bilingualism and multiculturalism in education and society

“Polydromo” began from the need to combine academic interests with our personal needs and wishes, but also from the need, of those who participate, to systematically discuss issues that concern bilingualism and multiculturalism and to share these issues with the wider educational community, as well as with parents that are interested and in search of answers to various relative questions or issues that occupy them. Each individual that contributes to this initiative, in one way or the other, strives to: search for methods and answers to issues (such as the development of child bilingualism, cross-cultural communication, sociopolitical dimensions of linguistic and cultural diversity , issues of identity); to inform immigrant parents; as well as to support the communication between teachers and parents of Greek and non-Greek origin.

We mainly address parents and teachers, which apart from information that they will receive via our regular copies, and soon through our website, they will be able to communicate with us and ask questions with regard to the management and exploitation of bilingualism and language contact, which we will try to answer in the next issue . Thus, apart from the theoretical side, Polydromo also includes an interactive part, where parents, teachers and children participate and, finally, an informative part, where useful information relative to the topics that occupy and interest us will be provided. The larger and main part of the content of our publication is written in Greek, English, Russian, Albanian and, whenever this is feasible, in other languages, aiming at direct communication with as many members of immigratory communities of our country possible.

However, we also address colleagues who are academics and teachers and who wish to publish their views and opinions, in order to reach a wider audience or to come in contact with members of immigratory communities. We welcome you, therefore, to this effort in hope that you will support it, either via your subscription or via any type of participation that is of interest to you, so that you, as members, can create a fruitful forum on issues of bilingualism and multiculturalism that centers on modern Greek schooling.

On the occasion of the circulation of the first issue I would like to thank all individuals, friends that responded to my invitation, members of the scientific and editorial team, but also the everyone that expressed the wish to participate, either through the writing or translation of texts, or by deciding to become subscribers. I would also like to thank little Nikolas for his drawing that became and our logo.

Roula Tsokalidou


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